Security compliance across standards and frameworks

Attaining compliance is hard but, staying compliant is harder. GoRICO helps you meet compliance regulations with industry standard security frameworks. Stop struggling to
maintain compliance manually and embrace security automation.

Attain & sustain compliance with GoRICO’s consolidated compliance framework.

GoRICO helps you meet and maintain compliance requirements across multiple security and privacy standards & frameworks. This is powered by GoRICO’s consolidated compliance framework.

Embrace security efficiency and automation to attain compliance faster and maintain it long term.

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Custom Compliance Framework & Governance tailored to you

Each organisation is unique along with having unique industry, operational, regulatory and board requirements. GoRICO supports custom requirements and, providing a precise solution to your compliance challenge.

The custom requirements can be unique guidelines, practices, SOPs, workflows that would be translated to periodic tasks in GoRICO. These could go beyond security and privacy requirements. GoRICO aids consolidation into one interface and management system. Thus, creating of an overarching governance model tailored to you and providing an optimized, adaptable path to compliance success.

Here's what our customers have to say

I had all my latest evidence ready to be shared for our recent due-diligence by an investor. They were impressed by our security team. GORICO has also saved me and my team dozens of hours while filling vendor questionnaires.

Chief Information Officer

Fintech Firm

Quick and easy integrations for automated evidence collection powered by faster manual collection saved me at least 200 hours.

Security Manager

Fintech Firm

I didn’t have to spend hours anymore answering questions and explaining the type of evidence to be collected.

IT Manager

Sports Hospital

We saw a rapid increase in security adherence and procedure adoption. This allowed us to sail past our renewal audit.

Information Security Officer

NJ Based Healthtech Firm

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